Dr. V S Prakash

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Dr. V S Prakash is Professor and Head of the Department of Cardiology & Cardiac Electrophysiology at M S R Ramaiah Memorial Hospital & Professor of Cardiology at MSR Medical College & Teaching Hospital, Bangalore.

His current position involves the comprehensive management of Cardiac patients which includes: 1. Coronary Interventions - both Primary PTCA as well as elective complex Coronary Interventions. 2. Treating patients with heart rhythm disorders as well as heart failure patients. Treatment has included biventricular pacemaker implantations. 3. Responsibility for the Electrophysiology lab with 3D mapping systems. He is also responsible for advanced pacing systems and ICD systems.

Dr. V S Prakash has been an Observer in Cardiac Clinical Electrophysiology at several hospitals in the USA and Germany. He also completed an 18-month Fellowship in Cardiac Clinical Electrophysiology at Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998-99.

Dr. Prakash has extensive experience in Interventional Cardiology, having worked as a Cardiologist at several hospitals in India since 1994. He has performed over 3,500 elective Coronary Angioplasties as Primary Operator and over 1,600 primary PTCAs. He has performed over 3,500 Ablations for various Arrhythmias. He was the first in India to perform Catheter-based Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation in 1999. He has also performed innumerable pacemaker implantations and heart failure and ICD device implantation... [+]

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Principle Investigator: ATHENA study.
Principle Investigator: BI RELY study.
Principle Investigator: INSPRA study.


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Pulmonary Vein is the Critical Area in Spontaneous Conversion of Typical Atrial Flutter to Atrial Fibrillation - Implication for Mechanism and Ablation Therapy. PACE. Apr 1999; Vol 22, No.4, Part II, 841:565.
Does Early Recurrence of Focal Atrial Fibrillation after Successful Catheter Ablation of Triggering Ectopic Foci Need Repeated Ablation Immediately? PACE. Apr 1999; Vol. 22, No.4, Part II, 865:660.


Teaching Experience: Professor of Cardiology in M S Ramaiah Medical and Teaching Hospital, Bangalore. Since Mar 2005.
Teaching Experience: Associate Professor in Cardiology, M S Ramaiah Hospitals, Bangalore. Mar 2003 to Feb 2005.
Teaching Experience: Asst. Professor in Cardiology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. 1993.